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​取扱商品 | PRODUCTS


​E.P.S moblie 非常用電源装置 | Emergency Power Supply






"Portable" is one of the important characteristics.  It has a low-weight, comparing to others: 11 kilograms.  It's rechargeable with solar panels or cigarette lighter sockets(optional accessory).


【AC200V + 2 electrical outlets】

The capacity to run LED light (4) bulbs for 12 hours(from 4 p.m. through 5 a.m.) is included.     

物流サービス(国内・海外)| Logistics in Japan and Overseas  






For those who would like to export their products, for those who would like to import products, our service are offered to meet the needs from those customers.


Our transportation network in the country and overseas enables us to offer you excellent service.

​電解水素水生成器 | Electrolyzed Hydrogen Water Generator






Electrolyzed hydrogen water will bring you a happy life.  Why don't you drink the safety water and get healthier.


The product has been converted from the ones for industrial use.  It's suitable for those who would like to make the most of what ingredients have in cooking, to get smooth insides functions.

​エビ | Shrimps




Firm-textured delicious shrimps from Vietnam; they go with many kinds of cuisines.

​高圧電気料金のクレジットカード払い |
Payment of high voltage electricity by a credit card




The electricity deregulation has brought you something valuable in your business.  Credit cards are available for you to pay for the electricity cost.  Cutting the electricity cost and getting the card points will happen to you with the change.  

​ウルトラファインバブル | Ultra Fine Bubbles




Ultra fine bubbles will help stains come out.  Many kinds of product with ultra fine bubbles are now under development.

​海外事業進出サポート | Supporting your business overseas




We'll help you expand your business abroad.  Now we've been supporting one bakery shop find its way to Vietnam.

QRマジック | QR Magic





Your idea to QR code(1 URL to 1 QR code etc.) might be outdated. Our QR Magic can list 20 URLs at the same time.  These 20 URLs are changeable without the QR code re-printed on papers. 

NOTE: Our affiliated company, J-Works co,.ltd. has its QR Magic.  Here's the QR code.  Why don't you check it out and see how the QR Magic goes.  You'll be glad you did.